About Us

My name is Cameron and I am the founder of, and currently run, At The Ballpark Apparel!

I started a TikTok account in April of 2022 called AtTheBallpark, focusing on ballparks, uniforms, and general baseball topics. This account quickly took off, and a lot of people became interested in the unique content I was creating. 

In August of 2022, I decided to take my love for baseball to the next level, and put my creations into the world in more than just a digital way. I worked hard on a series of t-shirt designs that are centered around going to the ballpark, and started this shop to get them out to the world!

Over time, I hope to get more and more designs up on this site for baseball fans to enjoy! I really want to spread the love for baseball through my videos and my products. I strongly believe baseball is the greatest sport in the world, and I want to do anything I can to spread my love for this game!